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2020 data and tools

  • Correctional Facility Locator (2020) Annotations and correctional facility counts by block, searchable by county. (Available now, annotations are being added on a rolling basis.)
  • National point shapefile with correctional facility populations and a links to our database of facility name/type annotations and racial/ethnic/sex/age data. Contains group quarters populations for any block with institutionalized correctional population.(We also made a similar, much larger, shapefile with all of the group quarters data and a subset of the race and ethnicity data for those blocks.)
  • Our database of annotations of each block that contains a correctional facility and the demographic breakdown of each will be accessible at the URL$geoid/ where $geoid is the 15 digit state-county-tract-block code of a block with a correctional facility. (Available now, more facility and demographic details are being added on a rolling basis.)
  • The populations and addresses of all state, federal and local correctional facilities from other sources on the most recent available date to the 2020 Census.
  • A county locator tool (enter a city or town and we'll tell you what states/counties contain that city or town).
  • The Census Bureau is giving special access to states to use its geocoder for mapping large batches of addresses to Census geographies. (The Census Bureau's geocoder tool is available for anyone to use to find the corresponding Census geography for a specific address.)
  • Block-level estimates of home addresses of incarcerated people in Arizona, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, and Wisconsin. Prepared by Rory Kramer, PhD., and Brianna Remster, PhD., and Denise Wilson, hosted by Redistricting Data Hub.

2010 data and tools

2000 data and tools

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