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2020 data and tools

  • Correctional Facility Locator (2020) Annotations and correctional facility counts by block, searchable by county. (Coming Jan to March 2021, shortly after the PL94-171 data is released for each state.)
  • National point shapefile with the group quarters (including correctional facilities) population and a links to our database of facility name/type annotations and racial/ethnic/sex/age data. (Available shortly after the PL94-171 data release is complete in March 2021.)
  • Our database of annotations of each block that contains a correctional facility and the demographic breakdown of each will be accessible at the URL$geoid/ where $geoid is the 15 digit state-county-tract-code of a block with a correctional facility. (This will be available on a rolling basis in the January to April 2021 period. Facility names and types for most facilities should be available within a few days of release, other information may take a few weeks or more. We intend to chart our progress on this page starting in January 2021.)
  • The populations and addresses of all state, federal and local correctional facilities from other sources on the most recent available date to the 2020 Census (Available May 2020.)
  • A county locator tool (enter a city or town and we'll tell you what states/counties contain that city or town

2010 data and tools

2000 data and tools

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