Help End Prison Gerrymandering Prison gerrymandering funnels political power away from urban communities to legislators who have prisons in their (often white, rural) districts. More than a decade ago, the Prison Policy Initiative put numbers on the problem and sparked the movement to end prison gerrymandering.

Can you help us continue the fight? Thank you.

—Peter Wagner, Executive Director

KML files for Google Earth


These files allow you to view the information available through our Correctional Facility Locator in Google Earth. These files include the Census Bureau's correctional facility count for each block, and where available our annotations of facilities names and type. All blocks also include links to our page of detailed Census demographic data for the correctional population in that block.


These files can be viewed using Google Earth. To best use these files, you can copy any of the URLs below and add it as a Network Link in Google Earth. In this way, you will be guaranteed to be using our most complete and current annotations. If you download the files and add them to Google Earth directly, you won't have that benefit.

  • Alabama:
  • Alaska:
  • Arizona:
  • Arkansas:
  • California:
  • Colorado:
  • Connecticut:
  • Delaware:
  • District of Columbia:
  • Florida:
  • Georgia:
  • Hawaii:
  • Idaho:
  • Illinois:
  • Indiana:
  • Iowa:
  • Kansas:
  • Kentucky:
  • Louisiana:
  • Maine:
  • Maryland:
  • Massachusetts:
  • Michigan:
  • Minnesota:
  • Mississippi:
  • Missouri:
  • Montana:
  • Nebraska:
  • Nevada:
  • New Hampshire:
  • New Jersey:
  • New Mexico:
  • New York:
  • North Carolina:
  • North Dakota:
  • Ohio:
  • Oklahoma:
  • Oregon:
  • Pennsylvania:
  • Rhode Island:
  • South Carolina:
  • South Dakota:
  • Tennessee:
  • Texas:
  • Utah:
  • Vermont:
  • Virginia:
  • Washington:
  • West Virginia:
  • Wisconsin:
  • Wyoming:

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