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Importing Constituents:
Prisoners and Political Clout in Wisconsin

By John Hejduk and Peter Wagner
Prison Policy Initiative
March 2008

Appendix F. Incarcerated populations in Wisconsin City Wards
City Name Ward City Population in Census Number of aldermanic wards Ideal ward size Facility Name Prison population Prison split in to how many pieces Percent of ward's population that is in prison Voting power inflation in the prison ward as a result of counting the prisoners as residents
Waupun City 2 10,718 6 1,786 Waupun Correctional Institution 1,226 n/a 63% 37 votes here = 100 elsewhere
Waupun City 3 10,718 6 1,786 Dodge Correctional Institution 1,381 n/a 79% 21 votes here = 100 elsewhere
Franklin City 1 29,494 6 4,916 Milwaukee County House of Corrections 1,879 n/a 38% 31 votes here = 50 elsewhere
Fitchburg City 4 20,501 4 5,125 Oakhill Correctional Institution & Oregon Correctional Center 705 n/a 14% 43 votes here = 50 elsewhere

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