I need your help. Prison gerrymandering gives extra political power to legislators who have prisons in their districts. We put numbers on the problem and sparked a movement to protect our democratic process from the overgrown prison system.

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New documents available from the NY Little v. LATFOR case

Our webpage for the case has just been updated with the most recent round of filed legal documents.

by Leah Sakala, September 15, 2011

I just updated our page on the Little v. LATFOR lawsuit with the newest round of filed documents.

In this case, several New York legislators are suing to overturn New York’s 2010 law that ended prison-based gerrymandering. 15 New York voters entered in the suit as Intervenor-Defendants in order to defend the law. The legal representation team for the Intervenor-Defendants, including attorneys from the Prison Policy Initiative, just filed a new reply.

All the documents for the case, as well as the latest related news updates, can be found on our Little v. LATFOR page.

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