Maryland releases adjusted redistricting data

Maryland releases redistricting data, adjusted to avoid prison-based gerrymandering in the state.

by Aleks Kajstura, May 4, 2011

Maryland just released its “Green Report” of redistricting data, adjusted to prevent prison-based gerrymandering in the state.

The Maryland Department of Planning announces:

The report, released jointly by the Maryland Departments of Planning, Legislative Services, and Public Safety and Correctional Services, contains tables of population counts for the 1,849 voting districts, or precincts, in Maryland’s 23 counties and Baltimore City. The counts were derived from the 2010 Census. Also, for the first time, the data was adjusted for the purposes of creating Congressional, State Legislative and local districting plans in accordance with the “No Representation Without Population Act,” signed into Maryland law in 2010. This law requires that census data be adjusted to reassign Maryland residents in correctional institutions to their last known address and to exclude out-of-state residents in correctional institutions for the purposes of the redistricting count.

The Green Report is available through the Maryland redistricting website, which contains additional population tables for the report as well as other data, FAQs and other tools to make the Maryland redistricting process accessible to the public.

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