Nevada has enacted legislation to end prison gerrymandering. It is one of ten states that will count incarcerated people at home for redistricting purposes in the 2020 redistricting cycle.

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The U.S. Census Bureau counts incarcerated people where they are confined not where they are from. Using these counts to draw state and county legislative districts enhances the weight of a vote cast by people who live near prisons at the expense of everyone else in the state or county.


This session:

  • AB450, "...revising the manner in which certain incarcerated persons are counted for purposes of the apportionment of the population for legislative districts, congressional districts and the districts of the Board of Regents...", sponsored by the Assembly Committee on Legislative Operations and Elections, introduced March 25, 2019. Passed Assembly April 17, 2019 and Senate May 23, 2019, and was signed by the Governor on May 29.

Organizations in Nevada

It’s impossible to include everyone who is working toward fair districting in Nevada, but if you are looking to get involved, these are some of the people and organizations you might want to contact:

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  • Effects of prison-based gerrymandering in Nevada at the state and local levels of government: 50 State Guide - Nevada.

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