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Guayama Municipio, Puerto Rico

According to the 2000 Census, Guayama Municipio, Puerto Rico has a population of 44,301 people. Of those, 33,014 (75%) are White, 4,896 (9%) are Black, and 43,940 (98%) are Latino[1]. However, 1,415 (or 3% of the 44,301 people) are not residents by choice but are people in prison.

Even though prisoners cannot participate in the local community, the Census Bureau nevertheless counts them as residents of the county where they are incarcerated.

A more accurate description would not include the prisoners. This would give Guayama Municipio a population of 42,886 with a demographic that is 75% White, 11% Black, and 99% Latino.

Reported in
Census 2000
Total 44,301 1,415 42,886
White 33,014 1,033 31,981
Black 4,896 261 4,635
Latino 43,940 1,410 42,530


[1]The numbers for Whites, Blacks and Latinos may not add up to the total number because we have not included racial groups other than Whites and Blacks and because the Census Bureau considers "Latino" to be an ethnicity, not a race. Most of the people reported as being Latino are also counted as being White or Black.

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