Illinois House passes bill to end prison gerrymandering!

by Leah Sakala, May 16, 2013

Yesterday afternoon the Illinois House passed HB 62, the “No Representation Without Population Act” to end prison gerrymandering! The bill now goes on to the Senate Assignments committee, where it needs to pass out within four days to go on to a Senate floor vote.

Illinois organizers on the ground are asking Illinois residents to please spread the word that a quick phone call urging your state Senator to join as a co-sponsor of the bill will help ensure that this bill will be successful in the Senate as well.

For some talking points or for more general information on prison gerrymandering in Illinois, please see our campaign page. We’ll be posting updates as soon as they’re available!

Illinois House passes HB62

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  1. More than 1 in 5 U.S. residents protected from prison gerrymandering | Prisoners of the Census says, 58 minutes after publication:

    […] yesterday the Illinois House passed HB 62 which would end prison gerrymandering in state legislative redistricting. Currently, 1.3 million […]

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